Numerical Reasoning

SHL / CEB style Graduate Numerical Reasoning is often an unexpected hurdle set before job candidates during the interview process. Reading and interpreting graphs and tables, manipulating percentages, ratios and currency conversions may pose some specific challenges for you, but mostly it's the unreasonable time pressure that takes candidates by surprise. With a tutor, you can address individual weaknesses, and build fluency with common calculationsons. I'll also show you some handy shortcuts for both calculator and non-calculator assessment types. The main focus, however, will be on embeding good habits for rapid problem solving. The way you approach a question, navigate through it, and then evaluate your final answer - all these play a crucial role in your overall performance, and will help you to make significant improvements in just a handful of sessions.

£50 per hour
I'm based in Beeston, Nottinghamshire. I also tutor online via Google Meet.

Email me at: or call on: 0770 4321151