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I've had my share of adventures, and insofar as they coincide with my having a camera and a website, I try to include them here:
When I visit my folks, my abode of choice is a wooden shack we built in the garden.  Designed at the back of A-level maths classrooms and built from the remains of old dairy buildings, what it lacks in central heating it makes up for in character and hammocks.  
My brother and I stay here when at home - find out how we built it
A year working for an Engineering Consultancy firm may sound glamorous to some.  Three days cleaning up after a Branston Pickle explosion will soon change such rosy preconceptions.  
I took a gap year before Uni - read about my Year in Industry
A few friends and I developed and perfected the Brave and Noble game of Glassball while at university.  Basic equipment required: standard-issue university ashtray, 13 Stella bottles and one ping pong ball.  Read this dedicated blog to find out more.  
Glassball - The Brave and Noble Game. How a bunch of Warwick students changed the world with a couple of ashtrays, empty beer bottles and a ping pong ball
They said it couldn't be done.  They said it was a stupid idea.  This pair of madcap thrill-seekers - Colin and myself - spend a day seeking out and photographing every Number 67 house in the area.  
Visiting every number 67 in Earlsdon
As anyone who has had the privilege of a university education will tell you, it's all about the pranks.  Throughout my three years, when I wasn't busy napping in lectures, I was subtly relabelling local specimens of modern art.  
Modern Art - Bringing it down from the inside...
Coventry, the incubator of such greats of jet-powered flight as Sir Frank Whittle, is riddled with memorabilia.  At any rate, you'd be surprised what you can find if you look hard enough.  
Frank Whittle - How much memorabilia can we visit in a day?
The open road, the dusty highway.  When you've got to get to Scotland, and you've got to get there fast, this is not the way to travel.  Nevertheless, from someone who has hitched in almost as many countries as his brother, I highly recommend it.  
Hitch-hiking in the British Isles
Montenegro, a country of glorious scenery and a night-sky nothing like Coventry's, the location of a mission trip during university, and a subsequent visit shortly after.  
Mission to MontenegroMontenegro - The Return
The Logos Hope, a 12,500 tonne car-ferry that I helped convert into the world's largest floating bookshop.  Run by a crew of 400 volunteers, this ship is now sailing around the world.  Summer 2009 saw me return to share in their transatlantic voyage to the Caribbean.  
Logos Hope - My adventures aboard from January to August 2008Logos Hope: To The Seas Again
Building a canoe is something more people should try.  My wife and I built our own at my parents' place in the summer of 2012.  My dad runs canoe building weekends through his business,
Building a Canoe
If you're looking for my personal blog, Footnotes, I don't know what to tell ya.  It's gone, folks.  Move on.  I'm a professional now, you know.  Can't be putting all my crazy online now, can I?  
Footnotes - Anthony's Personal Blog

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